June 2, 2007

WIP: Legwarmers

So back when I started Van's legwarmers I kept getting frustrated because apparently "yo" or "yarn over" means two different things in the British and American systems. Needless to say it wasn't working too well. Last night I re-started it and I finally got through the (simple) lace part but I've to say, it looks rather wonky. Hahah. Like seriously.

A part of me hopes that the second pair comes out perfect but I think it'll look funny if one side is kinda wavy and one is all straight and even. I guess I'll have to figure out a way to block them when it's done so that it looks relatively similar. It definitely will need the ribbon to make it look better. I also decided that I really should have "splurged" and bought the merino wool rather than the wool blend I'm using right now because the merino would have been all smooth and shiny and pretty and neat but this blend is your typical fuzzyish wool. Sigh. I think it's good for late autumn/winter, though.

Me and my lack of job. I really would have bought the beautiful yarn had I been able to afford it that day lol. If I see some affordable merino that can work well when I go to Romni next week I might have to consider picking it up.

I'm rather excited for the Romni/Knit Cafe expedition with Carmen, Josephine and hopefully Robyn. Mmm yarn.

Add-on: Maybe when I'm done Van and I can decide whether or not we should attempt to shave it.

Oh and here I was just randomly wonder what double stranding looks like (knitting with two strands of yarn together) but

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