June 15, 2007

Fun with Kool-Aid

At the moment I'm dying some yarn with Kool-Aid to knit Rachel's camera case. I don't think I put enough Kool-Aid so it's going to come out a light blue rather than a rich blue. But that's okay... I think? Maybe I'll re-do it when I'm done if the blue isn't satisfactory. I think it's going okay for a first-attempt. Mom doubts that the yarn will take the dye. Hehe can't wait to prove her wrong.

Enough yarn for her camera case and some Kool-Aid. I didn't even use a full pack of a blue and only a pinch of purple was added. Though I realize now that it was useless because I just added more blue when I thought it was too dark.

After soaking in the mixture and some heat and yadayada.

Update: So the yarn is drying in my backyard. I'm hoping it dries soon. I think it will because squeezing out the excess water really worked. It's a bit brighter than a baby-blue and I think I'm going to leave it that way. I wish I knew what size my other cousin's camera was so I could dye an appropriate amount of yarn for her... Ah well. I suppose I'll have to leave that for another day. I had the size written on another piece of paper but I can't find it. Hmph. Oh and I think some of the yarn felted a bit because the water from the tap surprised me with cold water right after and before a hot bath... but I got it out in time and I don't particularly care. :) Oh, and before you think I'm weird, that dark blue yarn is used to make sure the skein doesn't get tangled. I had that happen to me with the sari silk and I don't want a replay.

Drying outside.

Wound into a ball.

My strange, strange seam.

Done! ... Okay, I have to stitch on the button. Also, it doesn't fit the random camera I stuffed in here for the purpose of this photo. One in Rachel's camera will come... eventually.

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toria said...

mmmmm.... cables..... *drools* haha