July 2, 2007

Mistake or a touch of humanity?

So I've been knitting away on the Lillian Tank since late Friday night. Actually, I didn't really work on it much today but anyhow. Today I thought to myself, "Wow, you've made it so far in the Lillian Tank without a single glitch. I mean, sure, at first your stitches were twisted and you had to re-start but that wasn't so bad. Now you're many inches in and it's lookin' good."

But I spoke too soon. No sooner than after I thought this, I realized I made a mistake. Two rounds below where I was I must have made a mistake with my yarn over. As in I never actually made a yarn over. Making one of my lace repeats hole-less. Holiness. Enh.

I showed it to my mom comparing this one tiny bit with the rest of the lace patterns and she assured me that it wasn't noticeable but I didn't continue knitting either.

I've been staring at it since wondering if I should stop being so lazy and go back two rounds (280 stitches my friends! lol) or if I should think to myself, "Ah, it's on my back, no one will notice or care."

I'm starting to think I'll go backwards but maybe tomorrow when I'm hopefully more awake.

Oh and I would post rather amusing photos I took but my laptop is being a pain.