June 7, 2007


So while on the chicken pox I have this crazy desire to knit and yet I haven't really been knitting much on Vanessa's legwarmers despite them being an easy knit. I really want to start those socks with the yarn I bought but I don't have needles for them yet.

Here's what I have been up to...

I wanted to use up some eugh blue acrylic so I double stranded it on huge needles and made a garter stitch scarf. I kind of want to embroider a design on it now.

Progress shot on Vanessa's legwarmers.

The front of my phone cozy. Aran braid cable from Vogue Knitting.

The back of my phone cozy. Beaded rib from Vogue Knitting. As you can see, I need to add a button.

Add-on: Since this post, my mom has claimed this case for her phone because it fits it. Actually I think it fits it even better than it fits mine. Wtf m8. lol looks like I've got to make another one. Different, obviously. Probably the same yarn since I really want to use it up and I currently don't have access to a yarn shop. I've also started knitting a Gryffindor bookmark since then but I think it shall be far too thick to go between the pages of a book comfortably. Oh well, it'll be for show I guess. Or a nifty pin. Or when I get a bulletin board I can stick it up and be all proud. We shall see.
Add-on2: Since I wrote that last note, I've realized that this bookmark is huge. I mean, I've only done two repeats of the golden yellow stripes and it's already about as big as the book. Oops. Should have stuck to those smaller needles. For some reason I'm far too lazy to go back. I'll just have one giant-sized bookmark. And one miniature-sized scarf. (shrugs)

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