June 12, 2007


So today I met up with Robyn, Josephine and Carmen and Robyn and I taught Josephine and Carmen how to knit. It was quiteee exciting and hilarious. I have a bit of a problem, however.

I went to Romni Wools hoping that I could find cheap yarn for the Lillian Tank but me being the idiot I am didn't bring the pattern with me and only wrote down the yarn that was used in the original (affordable TLC Cotton Plus). Which was fine, I guess. I was shown some substitutes for the yarn and while it was lovely, lovely, yarn, it was most definitely not in my price range. I mean the cheapest I think it might have worked out to was roughly $30 for the yarn. Eugh. I'm pretty sure I'd have a substantial amount leftover but I wouldn't want leftovers. Why couldn't they have the cheap TLC Cotton Plus? Booooo. I found it online and thought finding an alternative wouldn't hurt my wallet. I mean, I want to try these things out on yarn that won't cost me much so I won't feel so bad. Plus, it has to be less than what I pay for my clothes in real life. This is not the stores fault... merely my own. I'm hoping I find a cheap sub soon cause I'd realllly liked to knit it.*

In any case, I bought some white/cream sock yarn to knit Jaywalkers after I knit my first pair of socks with the self-striping yarn I have. (Getting ahead of myself, am I???) Anyhow, white/cream you ask? WELLLL, I'm going to try my hand at dying with Kool-Aid! Following the lovely Eunny's tutorial on how to dye self-striping sock yarn which will go really well with the Jaywalkers pattern. I also bought some white/cream Patons worsted weight yarn to knit miscellaneous items - i.e. Rachel's camera case, Vidya's camera case, etc. etc. I figured I'd buy one skein in white and then I could dye little bits needed for each project with Kool-Aid so specific colours are achieved. Sounds like a wise plan to me! lol

Anyhow, despite my frustration over the tank-yarn I think it might be for the best because it means that I will finally get the legwarmers and the cases done and my socks. OHhhh, I forgot to add that I bought two different sets of double pointed needles. Exciting? Yes. Costly day? Yes. That too. I figured I might subtract the $7 spent on the Patons from my budget considering that that will all mainly go towards mini-gifts and then the thing with the needles is that I will forever use these considering I seem to be heading in the sock-direction. Despite never knitting socks before.

The Knit Cafe was cool but I do wish they'd had more popsicles and slushie-like drinks for boiling hot days like today. They sold this strawberry-rhubarb kind but I was a bit afraid to try it out so instead I opted for cola... but this was no ordinary cola! It was BlueSky from Mexico. Very cool. lol Kinda like blue sky alpaca, no? Ooo there was also this bamboo yarn at The Knit Cafe and it had the most wonderfulllllll drape and sheen... god it was gorgeous. And it also came in the smallest skeins EVER. Like whaaat! Very sad.

Josephine and Carmen caught on fairly fast on the whole knitting thing considering my first attempts, I think. I don't know what happened but I completely spaced out on how to make a slip-knot. It was the strangest thing considering I've been doing it naturally lately. Odd. I wish I had helped them choose their yarn as I realized the yarn they chose really splits a lot and I don't think it will make a very long scarf... but I suppose we shall see :S. I think we should have opted for Wal-mart as sad as it sounds because they coulda gotten more yarn for their dollars there even though it would have been acrylic. Though I have to say, the Bernat Satin feels so much softer than the yarn they bought. And the Satin is acrylic! Go figure. Ah well. It'll be a good learning experience none-the-less. I hope. Hahah...

Anyhow, that was a long ramble on my knitting-related day. That is all for now.

*Note to self: If I ever want to buy the Cotton Fleece, it's a few dollars cheaper at The Knit Cafe. Though you do get a bit of a discount from Romni with your student card. (shrugs) Either or I guess.

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