June 18, 2007

Baby Appropriate Yarn

So yesterday after walking with Yvonne and Sarah I dyed some yarn for a case for my phone. This time instead of dying the yarn one colour, I tried to get a variegated look. I intended on stronger colours than what I ended up with but I was too lazy to get some more KoolAid from upstairs. I think the yarn looks better knitted up but that may have to do with my sketchy ball-winding skills. Oh and you may be wondering, how knitting this case incorporated a new skill (as my goal is for every thing I knit right now to be a sort of learning process.) Well, I actually knit it with double pointed needles rather than straight needles and sewing up the sides. So no seams! How brilliant. So neat. And yeah, I've done this before but it's fun to be done and not have seams to worry about. And then I grafted the bottom ... yesss for seams that look like stitches. lol I must say that I don't like doing ribbing on double pointed needles for some reason. Enh. Ah well. Pastel-y case for my camera it is.

I didn't have syringes or anything so doing this was mildly amusing. It looked soo messy.

So last night while on MSN I only got the ribbing done. MSN is not conducive for knitting. Anyhow, knit away before I went to Rogers.

Left me with that. It would have looked better with the phone in it but I needed the phone to take the picture. And yeah, this time I dyed more yarn that I needed. Not sure what I will do with it just as yet. Might experiment with felting? Or it might be used in some cheesy heart-like colourwork. (shrugs) I think in person it looks more pinky/purpley.

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liquidblackout said...

I like knitting or crocheting in the round instead of double-point needles or sewing it up. I hate assembly and finishing touches, I don't know why. It's really anti-climactic.