May 26, 2007

Petunia Tote - done atlast

When I first saw the photos from the IK magazine I loved it but I can't say that about my FO. First of all, when I was picking up stitches I didn't exactly bother to read up how to do that ... so the base is inside out (haha) but I think I shall add some cord/edging to make it look neater. Also, I was tempted to stop after doing 1.5 repeats of the pattern but at that point it felt too small so I did the full 2 repeats... and it's ginormous. Enh. And while I was on gauge for the bag, once it came to the handles I started pulling my stitches quite tightly. Which I guess made it a stiffer fabric. Though it's not as long as it's supposed to be but if it was any longer my bag would be to my knees. I stitched a piece of denim into the handles so that it wouldn't stretch out and then lined the rest of the bag. I think I might fix-up a few more details but there you have it.

zoom-in on the lining

sitting on the floor

hanging on the railing

Note: I don't have any good action shots! (lol) Maybe later.

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