May 23, 2007

WIP: Legwarmers

So I bought yarn today for VanSiu's legwarmers at Mary's Yarns. What a lovely shop. There was so much yarn and the people were superbly friendly. :)

I must get to my real point for blogging ... I'm terribly frustrated with myself* because I'm supposed to do a basic lace pattern on the DPNs however, it's not working for me. How am I supposed to slip the stitch over the k2tog part if I'm using all four needles. Do I use another one? Is that how this works? Maybe I'll try that next. Anyhow, I've ripped out what I just started and will try this again. (Note: I want these done by Saturday. Yeup, I did just say Saturday.) I get the feeling that the first of the pair will be kinda wonky but the second one will be okay. VanSiu will just have to make do with my shoddy first-attempts. (I mean really, I've only ever done plain stockinette on DPNs and that didn't even look brilliant!)

In other news, I bought myself some sock yarn. I plan on following this brilliant tutorial online for knitting socks. I can't wait :) ... just need to get these legwarmers done. And started. lol And someone please tell me why sock yarn is so expensive.

*note: I only have made one attempt so far so who knows what I will be like if I fail at this after 3 gos. I think I'm just tired.

Add-on: So After I had done tone round of the lace pattern and then a round of plain knitting I figured wheeeee, I've got it! But now I'm extremely confused. I started off with 17/16/17 for stitches on each needle and then now it's 18/16/18. And when I work out the lace pattern in my head, it seems to be increasing. But it's not increasing enough or properly because at the end of the lace round I end up with extra stitches. And wtheck, I don't think it should be increasing either. Goodness, this is just simple sl/k2tog/psso/yo and yet I'm completely baffled.

Add-on again: I have now ripped this thing out 4 times. Three of those times had to do with the stitch numbers fudging on me and this last time because my hand slipped pulling out more stitches than i could catch. I think I need to stop. I need sleep.

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