May 13, 2007

WIP: Petunia Tote - final update before it's done... I think

Yeah. It has been a slow process. Only because I always put it down. Anyhow, all that's left to do is knit the handles. Here it's what it's like after being steam-ironed. The old-lady fabric in the background is actually what I'm using to line it. (shrugs)

Add-on: So today is May 21st. I'm working on the handles. There's a problem, however. I suppose since it was my first time using DPNs I have been pulling my stitches ridiculously tight to avoid that awful rung/ladder of stitches that people always get when using them. So I've pretty much managed to avoid that but my gauge is all off. The stitches are much tinier on the handles than they are on the bag... and I'm running out of yarn. I'm hoping that by the time I get to the end of the skein I will have large enough handles for such a ginormous bag because I really don't want to have to buy another one. It's good in one sense because it's now rather stiff and once I stitch in the denim in the handle it won't stretch out but still. Also, this bag is ridiculously huge. Why did I make such a big bag? Why didn't I stop at 1.5 repeats like a smart person? And why did I actually use cotton to make this bag? Sure, it was the recommended yarn for a "summer knit" but even with all my lining it will no doubt stretch out.

RARGH. I just needed to rant.

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