May 3, 2007

Attempts at Crocheting

So I've been wanting to make the clutch that's in Happy Hooker for awhile now. Last night I whipped out the crochet hook I use for fringes when knitting and some of that blue and white yarn and attempted to try the first chain stitch. It really looked odd. Either way, I attempted again this morning and I'm doing it and there's a distinct flow to it, except I think I'm too tense - my hands are that is. But if I do it less so, I always get both pieces of yarn caught under the hook - instead of one over and one under. Eugh. I'm going to try the half double crochet stitch now.

Add-on: You know, I really think I should be using a smaller hook. Or a thicker yarn. In the videos I just looked up, they do it a lot more naturally than I do.
Add-on2: Okay, yeah, it works much better with thicker yarn. I don't know why I didn't pay attention to that at the beginning. Joyyy.

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