April 29, 2007

Wings Lace Bookmark and other notes

So, did I tell you how bored I got of knitting that Petunia Tote? Really bored. Maybe it wasn't challenging enough or I just need more diversity in my life than just simple knits and purls. Go figure.

Here is what it was like as of yesterday:

All flattened out.

Awkwardly stuffed with (clean) pajamas. The highlighter is for size comparison.

Awkwardly stuffed and all alone.

To remember why I enjoyed knitting so much I started knitting off of every bit of yarn I had lying around. I tried lacework with this red yarn - it looked terrible. I had to frog that. I starting knitting with a pair of chopsticks my dad brought from the plane ride from China. Then I started trying out this diamond pattern - that really is just knits and purls but it's cute. I guess it will make itself into a pencil case of some sort. Except I'm not sure I'll have enough yarn and the whole point was to get rid of that ugh blue yarn. Maybe I'll make the back a different colour? Hmm. We shall see.

It's kinda hard to make out with this lighting but enh.

Then today I decided to knit myself a bookmark with the yarn I bought for Rachel's camera cozy. It's really meant to be used for crocheting - considering the name "Heavenly Crochet" - but who cares. It had such nice shades of blue. I'm thinking that the pattern might have been better suited for one colour rather than self-striping yarn but ah well, I still like it. I managed to yo and ssk without messing up like I always do. I still need to block it out a bit but I won't right now because I'm too lazy to find pins. Maybe I'll add a tassel - so it looks more like a bookmark and less like a knitted rectangle... we shall see. And who knows, maybe I'll get back to that bag. Sooner or later...

Yeah. This yarn was by far the most exciting to unravel. On the outside it was cool with all the angle-y business and continues to be. But as I unraveled, I grew mesmerized by the swirly goodness. It's like a blue campino, really.

Blue goodness. :)

Close-up. Yeah, it really needs to be blocked to look more like wings. lol