April 7, 2007

WIP: Petunia Tote

Over the past week and a half (?) I've been knitting about a row a day. Which is nothing but that's all I've really had time for - sad, isn't it? Yesterday I went a bit crazy and knitted quite a bit. I basically have to do double what you see in these pictures + the straps + lining and it'll be done. I want to be done the knitting portion by the end of this week. For sureeeee. I can't wait to iron it out so that it's smooth and you can actually see the flowers properly - not as a mess like it appears right now. Also, it seems pretty bunched up because I'm using shorter needles than the pattern called for - but when it's done it'll be okay. And it's stuffed here with a dress of mine for better viewing - lol.


JLI said...

i can't wait to see the finished product out and about seems.

p.s. i know i've been so busy with school and exams i havent seen u in forever, but when summer is here (like 4 weeks!!!), i'm still holding you to that knitting date/lesson!!!

p.p.s. and i was all excited before and bought my needles to res :(

Lisa said...

holy eff seema, i didn't know you were keeping this blog! until this very moment! i'm really excited by knitting! that bag's going to be friggin amazing!

seema said...

Janny, I know! Things just got so busy. I have your brown yarn. We'll be sure to stitch n' bitch this summer - don't worry.

Lisa, tee-hee! Contrary to the goal posted in my blog, I am not done the bag yet. It was a cool knit but then it got kinda boring. But I'm slugging along and should be done soon. I hope. lol I'm forcing it because I want to start other things and not have more than one thing going at a time.


Anonymous said...

I hereby invite myself to stich and bitch

seema said...

lol so who's anonymous?