March 25, 2007

WIP: Petunia Tote

I am an idiot. Really.

Making this bag is ridiculously simple. Y'know what I did? I somehow managed to ignore the left-hand side of the pattern chart for three rows. Meaning I have to go back 552 stitches and do it all over again - this time including the second flower pattern.

How the heck did I miss that?!?!?!?!


Add-on @ 8:22 p.m. on March 26: Okay, so that wasn't a big deal at all but I was in the mood to rant. lol


liquidblackout said...

Just to let you know, I've moved my LJ to blogspot
, and I've added you to my list. I hope you don't mind.

I have to frog things all the time and I know it just kills to have to do it, but I console myself by saying that it was (a waste of time) *scribble out* good practice ;)

On the bright side, it's nice that you at least figured it out. I've made things, screwed it up altogether and only realised when I had already stitched it up, finished all the assembly and embellishments, etc...*sigh*

Have you checked out They have a lot of very fashionable designs, but I prefer crochet much more than knitting. They do have some crochet designs that are nice, too. The magazines are just too expensive and it's hard to find them at the public libraries >.<

seema said...

Oh I don't mind at all! Good to have another craft blog to look at - this time of someone I actually know!

lol in the end frogging is generally worth it but it still drives me insane.

Yeah! I've looked at Knit1 but damn, so many magazines! I bought IK this time simply because I was dying for at least one knitting magazine and I liked a lot of the designs. I borrow books from the library like crazy, too! Do they carry the mags there? I've never seen anything other than "Crafts 'n Things" or whatever it's called.

liquidblackout said...

They have it on the other side of the rack usually, beside Vogue Knitting, but they have a tendency to go missing.

seema said...

Oh neat! See, I always go to the make-shift MPL at Hwy.7 & Markham Rd. so I don't see those!

As for frogging, I should have at the very beginning of this tote. The bottom is supposed to be stockinette on the outside and all the bumps on the inside of the purse - except it's the other way around for me... oh well! Who says we must follow patterns exactly... it's called reinventing!

liquidblackout said...

Haha, when I realize that it doesn't really matter and nobody else has seen the pattern, so if I do the same thing throughout, it'll look normal!

Ooh, and I answered your question in a super long post (just scroll down if you don't have time):
Take a look when you get the chance! Thanks!!