March 11, 2007

Irish Hiking Scarf

A short relationship

So I've been a bit behind on updates despite thinking about knitting and crafts 24/7 these days.

After finishing my armwarmers I had a skein and a bit left over so I decided to make the matching scarf but instead of making it three cable repeats wide, I made it two. Perfect for spring. At least it was until I lost the armwarmers. Sigh.

Ah well. I still have a scarf, I guess...

It's much brighter in real life and is almost 5 feet long (and even though I was going to make it longer, I didn't as I ran out of yarn.)


y said...

are you telling me that this scarf is almost my..length?
that you're wrapping an yvonne length around your neck?

seema said...

It's actually four and 3/4. I measured. It's actually not that long - it should be about a foot longer for me to comfortably wrap it around my neck and have a decent amount hanging. I mean, it's okay right now but, it could be better.

Juliana said...

you lost the armwarmers?? :( ps you look gorgeous in that picture :)

seema said...

Yeah, I did. Don't even know how that happened. They may turn up eventually at the Student Campus Centre. They said that all the various security places bring all their stuff to the lost and found once their individual boxes of stuff fill up.