March 13, 2007

WIP: Petunia Tote

Warm Weather Knits
I bought my supplies for the Petunia Tote today. I'm using Cantata Cotton Crepe DK in colour 3853 lot 219610 (for my own reference.) I bought a pair of 60cm 4mm Pony circs - shorter than what they called for - because the "right" size wasn't there.

Mai and I trekked to Romni Wools and I tell you, I have found my new favourite store. It is ABSOULTELY AMAZING. There is so much yarn! AND books! AND classes! AND a basement that I did not check out. It was simply lovely. They were incredibly helpful and friendly and I really can't wait to go back again, finished project over my shoulder, ready to get some more yarn. Man. It's THAT that makes me want to get a job. So I can afford yarn. Forget everything else!

Afterwards I checked out The Knit Cafe which is small but nice. I don't think it'd be good for our RyeKnits meetings (yeah... it's going to happen...) because it's too small but it'd be nice for four of us or something. It's also really randomly located. Like seriously. In the middle of nowhere.

Either way, Queen St. West is my new favourite place. We passed a gazillion and one fabric shops, button shops, paper shops, art galleries, art supply shops, unique fashion stores, used furniture, new furniture... EVERYTHING. Honestly. It killed me how tired we were coming back ... I couldn't even go to some of the places. Next time, I guess.

It looks peachy here but the colour on here isn't so accurate.

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