October 23, 2007

Itchy itchy eye!

When I bought this blue yarn on Labour Day weekend I remember rubbing it against my neck. It wasn't so bad. Not rough. Not heavenly smooth but not rough. As I worked on this scarf I would put it around my neck to see how much longer I wanted to make it. Each time I thought it was a bit rough but I brushed it aside. Now as I wrap it around my neck I can not imagine giving away something so itchy or wearing something so itchy. I'm thinking about sewing some sort of fabric - silk? fleece? something non-itchy? - to the "back" of where one would naturally wrap it around their neck. I mean, it's not like she's going to wear it any other way, right? Hum.

I don't think I have enough yarn for a fringe but I don't think I want a fringe either. My only issue is that she wanted mittens and I wonder if it will look weird if I use a different type of yarn - but still blue - to knit those for her. Hum.

Add-on: I'm getting used to the itch. It's not so bad. But still.

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