October 23, 2007

I need to update this more

So I have a master list of what I'm going to do with all the yarn in my (small, I swear) stash. In about 10 minutes I should be done a scarf for Vidya and I'm going to have to find an appropriate gloves/mittens/armwarmer combo pattern because I've got some pink worsted that needs to turn into something to keep my hands warm. I am seriously so cold lately. And I'm going to need another subway/bus knit. Problem is that I can't decide between mittens or fingerless gloves. I don't really feel like knitting gloves. I was thinking of the combo - y'know with the flap but I'm still undecided. What to doooo what to doooo.

Note how I should be working on two articles right now, putting together broadcast ideas and doing some Spanish review. Oh knitting how you distract me so.

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