August 16, 2007

Lillian Tank and wips wips wips

So last night I finally FINALLY decided to finish that Lillian Tank. Woooo.

Don't mind the dirty mirror and needing to shower photos - I was gonna wear it tonight when I was all dressed up but no lol.

Pattern: Lillian Tank by Delicious Stitches
Yarn: Three skeins of Lion Brand Cotton Ease - with some leftovers (headband, anyone?) - Cost me about $15 CDN
Needles: 24" US 6 Pony Circulars - The pattern calls for 16" but A) I didn't want to buy new needles and B) I don't think I could have comfortably fit all my stitches on there. lol

The Good:
- easy to follow pattern
- affordable yarn
- great worn on its own or with something underneath
- fast knit

The to-change-for-next-time:
- I think I might make it a tad bit shorter so that I can wear it on my jeans with pockets without having it stretch around it
- Might do the middle ribbing in a slightly smaller needle
- Experiment with other lace patterns - though I do love this one

Interesting notes:
- before I blocked this it had the most interesting ridge pattern. Not something that I'd wear because it looked like I had potatos in my shirt but still really cool look. I didn't even block this properly. Enh
- It's just a teeensy bit too big around the waist area in the back for me. Whatevs!

Favourite knit so far, I think!

P.S. I knit this about a month ago and didn't get the ribbing done in time for my trip to Florida so I put it away for a month cause I lost the motivation to finish it until last night.

And progress on my first pair of socks - photo taken Tuesday.


Hege said...

Your tank is beautiful and I love the colours :)
Great colours on your sock to ;)

Kristen said...

What a lovely tank! You did a great job, and it looks fabulous on you.

JLI said...

gosh seemba, you are too talented! love love love the tank, looks so cute on you!

...i on the other hand, am the failure. who has yet to learn how to knit. lols

liquidblackout said...

The tank is gorgeous!!
I love it, especially on you!
Well done!
(Sorry that I haven't visited in a while, did you end up getting that job you wanted?)

liquidblackout said...

lol, I LOVE the potatoes-in-shirt look, but no, definitely not to wear ;)

I really badly want a sewing machine, but my dad won't let me get one. He scoffs and says, "What are you going to do when you become a senior executive in some huge corporation? There's no time for you to be sewing your own clothes!"

Agh, he just doesn't get it. However, it's the same for all of us as students - there really isn't a lot of time for crafting :*(

liquidblackout said...

Hehe, sorry for the overflow of comments. My mind isn't really together and I just noticed your pretty toenails ;)

Ilix said...

Love your Lillian Tank! It looks great!

Seema said...


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