August 9, 2007

Lack of updates

I haven't updated here in a good while mainly because I haven't had time to be the craftster that I want to be. lol Seriously.

My Lillian Tank is sitting on my desk, the armholes still awaiting the final ribbing. My mom keeps asking me why I don't finish it already so that I can wear it but I haven't had the urge to finish it just yet. I think I aught to go shower, water the plants and then maybe do that.

The day I left for Florida I also started my first sock in this awesome wool. I luuurve it. I have to admit, turning the heel was not as hard as I thought it was going to be and was quite enjoyable. I'm still on sock #1, though.

I also at some point in time ripped apart my sari silk scarf. Why, you ask? CAUSE I AM RIDICULOUS. Anyhow, what's done is done and I'm currently re-knitting a scarf that I once had. It is slightly different as I'm knitting it on bigger needles in hopes that it will be longer than my last scarf.

I've been itching to make this bolero for quite some time now. I think I want to do one in black, see how it comes out and then try it out in a different colour with a different lace pattern. Someone on Craftster used the same pattern but used a different lace pattern and I love how it came out. I think I want to make one in white or yellow or blue. Yes I did just list lots of colours. And woooo! Lion Brand Cotton Ease will make it an affordable project. I should go pick up some with the coupons I have for Michael's before it expires.

Everytime I use my sewing machine I'm inclined to learn more and do more with it but no time! I started a knitting needle case for all those circular needles Spiderman bought me but I haven't finished it. I'm starting to think I should have used a pattern of sorts cause it's kinda messy but ah, what can you do. I still am going to make another case for my straight needles & double pointed needles with some fabric I bought last month. I think I'm going to use the leftover fabric to make a purse because I seem to have bought a lot of it.

I've spent the last hour gazing at all things Amy Butler. GAH. More things adding onto my to make/do/knit list. Oh yeah, and it doesn't help that every family member seems to want me to knit them something for Christmas/birthdays/just because. Eeeee! I've got to work on this time business. And updating business. I have plenty of photos but I think I'm going to hold off on the Lillian photos till it's absolutely done and I'll post an earlier progress shot of the socks later.

On another note I really want to go to the Stitch n Pitch.


liquidblackout said...

I tried to crochet one of the boleros in The Happy Hooker, but I kept having to redo it so I got really frustrated and just bought one. I think my gauge is really off, but I guess it was fun to do. Talking about it makes me want to try again ;)

Seema said...

I still have yet to properly try crocheting but I did buy The Happy Hooker for when I do.