February 25, 2007

Jewellry Storage

Colour My World

I have been daydreaming about the jewellry storage from Pottery Barn Teen for a good while now. It makes me sad that you can only order it online and that you can only have it delivered in the U.S. There is no doubt that if I lived in the States, I would pay the shipping fees for it. I could possibly have it delivered to a relative but then I have to ensure that I end up going there, am able to bring it back, etc. If I wanted them to ship the items to me here, it would be a lot of mula and the items themselves are already quite expensive. I might be going this summer but that's not for sure. I'm getting worried because I notice a lot of the wonderful items are no longer online. Meaning they're gone. Oh my.

My mom and I have way too many accessories from attending a gazillion occasions. We share stuff but we both still have our own collections. There are certain things I borrow from her and return to her room and vice versa. Though sometimes we forget to return 'em.

Awhile ago I made a really crappy-looking earring holder but it does wonders! I can see all my earrings (minus real gold which isn't a lot) so I don't forget what I own. I only wish I had the fancy PBTeen holder because then my mom and I would put both of ours on it and it would be like a store. I used cardboard and made a triangle-shape, cut-out little pieces of the middle, punched holes along the edges of the bars, painted it white and voila. Crappy earring holder. Suhweet.

If we have a lot of earrings you can guess that we have a lot of bracelets. Now see, my mom just has a lot of bangles but I don't keep them in my room. We saw this bangle stand that you can buy at our temple and it's pretty nice so we might get it. I have my own bangles that are seperate from our Indian collection because they are gifts that I try to wear more often. I also have a heck of a lot of beaded bracelets and stuff that I tend to forget I own. I organized the top drawer of my dresser so that I could see all my bracelets and necklaces by simply opening it but I didn't really think it was the best solution for me. Honestly, it takes so much time to open my drawer and check it out. Haha.

So I was in the basement and noticed a wine bottle holder that we aren't using. We used to use it. It holds two wine bottles. Seeing it empty inspired me to toss my bracelets and necklaces on it. Suhweet number 2.

I took the last picture because I love how neat it all is. lol the orange containers are my mom's old J-Lo perfume boxes.
I'm still sort of wanting a seperate necklace holder. I want to push pretty pins or knobs into the side of my dresser and hang them there. Or get a shelf and put little knobs on it. Or do the fabric-covered corkboard thing but my mom is afraid of me putting ugly things up on my wall since I'd do it myself, so for now, this will do. (I swear if I got the corkboard I would take the time to do a nice job. Sigh. I would even make a lattice covered one so that I could hang earrings that way and it could be like a set.

I really feel like sewing. And pretty fabric. I don't have pretty fabric, though. Sigh.

Note how I'm not ready for school at all but just want to keep crafting. I keep seeing cool ideas or coming up with nifty ones to make my room all cool but ahhh...

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Juliana said...

i am super jealous because this all looks amazing