January 28, 2007


Mother of Purl

Feeling up for some more knitting after pouring through books upon books from my local library, I decided to bring some leftover yarn to one of the most ridiculous Monday morning lectures I've ever attended. I was inspired by the pages upon pages of forums on Craftster filled with various cozies for mp3 players, cameras, cell phones - you name it. Seeing as how I had recently got an iPod I thought I might as well make a case for it. (Note: I also have a case for my iPod that's always on it but I thought it'd be safer in my bag both surrounded by yarn and silicone.)

At the time I didn't add a button and so instead used red cord that would tie it but I think I'm going to change it soon to a button.

It was my first attempt at purling and I must say, stockinette stitch looks so professional.

Hopefully in the morning when I remove the cord, add a button and take a picture, it will look less like my iPod is suffering from albino.

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