January 28, 2007


I am by no means an amazing craftster but that's not the point. I enjoy crafts because it's a way of expression. I'm sure other crafters know that it's a really nice feeling to put something together with odds and ends and have a finished project that can be worn or used that costs you 10x less than what it would in store or is so unique that you couldn't find it in a store. Some crafts take little to no time at all and some take days upon days of work but whether or big or small, the end result can still be outstanding.

I'm going to post random things that I've done over the past while and hopefully I'll continue my knitting, scrapbooking and random other things to fill the Internet with my lovely little junk. (Check it out! - Ahem. Not that I listen to Black Eyed Peas or anything.) It'll be my crafting diary that I'll use to track my progress and eventually, I expect to see amazing things on here. (We're talking years from now.)

Ta ta.

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toria said...

oh seema! this is delightful! *bookmarked*