March 16, 2009

T-shirt Reno

Well, because of the Toronto Craft Alert's The Crafty Slacker’s Get ‘Er Done Giveaway I've actually finished something that has been sitting torn apart in my cupboard for quite some time now. I initially wanted to finish my knitting needle cases that have been there for over a year now but I've lost the pocket fabric (that has already been so). I'm not quite sure how that is possible considering I don't own much fabric and my room is not that big. Go figure. (Let's note how I knew about the contest weeks ago and didn't bother to start until tonight. The day entries are due.)

In any case, I repurposed one of my (three!) Club Monaco men's t-shirts I bought nine years ago at an outlet sale. I found the pieces all mixed up in my cupboard and I can't remember what I was initially going for ... about a year ago.

So I fudged it. I cut around the neckline, cut off the sleeves, gathered the shoulders with ties, took in the sides a bit, cut right down the back and made a v-shape, sewed up the bottom of the back, and then wore it backwards. That with a belt ain't so bad for a t-shirt I never wear anymore. I may wear it once in a blue moon. My sewing machine decided to drive me nuts today so it's not as neat as it could be. Ah well. Here it is.

Thank you TCA for pushing me to get one of many of my projects done. :)

If you're interested, there's less than two hours to enter in the contest lol.


J said...

gosh seems, you're so talented.

xo j

p.s. yes, i still do follow your blogs once in a while. it contributes to my procrastination :D

Seema said...

Hi Ms. Li!

I've stopped blogging here and switched over to

I rarely update that, too. But I'm hoping to change that over the next little while. Glad to know you think of me while you procrastinate! <3